Leonardo was born as an artisan in the 1980s, after having gained work experience in the purely artisanal field.

His work cannot be defined as conventional and his artisanal production is the antithesis of the mass product.
You are entering a world where light, precious materials and experience generate sublime beauty.

Everything springs from a creative idea that takes shape step by step until it becomes a jewel that can meet the different needs of each customer. Leonardo and his son Luca, a young but expert gemstone cutter, love to share the story of each jewel with their customers, explaining the creation of its conceptualization to the final production in the laboratory.

Over time, many laboratories have had to give way to new technologies with the defect of removing the uniqueness and identity of the jewel itself, something of which we are instead proud to make it a strong point.

Each jewel is accompanied by a guarantee for the quality of the materials used and guaranteed workmanship for accuracy and precision while maintaining an excellent value for money.

We invite you to come and visit us to buy your jewel or realize your idea.

Leonardo & Luca Brentani

It produces high quality objects under the brand name “BRENTANI” aimed at both male and female customers, aimed at satisfying needs that are difficult to find on the market.

Collaborating with well-known designers and important Italian jewellers, it reached the Roman.

High Fashion catwalk, as well as events in the prestigious Montenapoleone in Milan, up to supplying jewels to Giorgio Armani s.p.a